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A Solution of the Car-seating Problem, An Old Engine Under a New Dress and more

Pittsburgh Trailers and Their Lessons

Doubling the Seating Capacity for the Same Motive Power

By John P. Fox

The Late Joseph Lister

The Father of Antiseptic Surgery

By John B. Huber

A New Apparatus for Marine Exploration

Recently Invented Deep-sea Nets

By Charles A. Kofoid

An Arithmetical "Nut"

The Berlin Museum of German Industry, Uses of the Castor Bean and more

By the Berlin Correspondent of the Scientific American

Trees That Yield Butter

How Nature Competes With the Dairy

By W. R. Gerard

New York's First Subway

How Alfred E. Beach, Editor of the Scientific American, Secretly Built a Pneumatic Railway Beneath Broadway in 1869

By Waldemar Kaempffert

Recent Happenings in Aviation: The Boland Biplane and more

A New Control for Aeroplanes—A Fatal Accident With a Parachute

By Stanley Yale Beach

Maintaining a Constant Level in Batteries

By William D. Munger

Simple Lifter for the Laboratory

By George A. James

A New Method for the Determination of Sulphur in Pyrites and Pyrrhotite

By L. Shumacher

The Laboratory, Some Simple-Catalytic Experiments

Some Suggestions for Home Experiment

Home-made Chemical Fire Extinguisher

By W. J. C.

What Inventors Are Doing: Some Curious European Motor Sleighs and more

Simple Patent Law; Patent Office News; Inventions New and Interesting

Durability of Wood Cut in Spring and in Summer


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