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Increase the Coast Artillery, Safety at Sea and more

Coast-Defenses of the United States

The System of Range-Finding by Which the Great Accuracy of Coast-Defense Gun-Fire is Secured

Guns of the Coast-Defense

The Weapons Which Guard Our Roadsteads and Harbors

Gun Versus Armor

How the Gun Won the Contest Between Projectile and Armor-Plate

Coast-Defense by Submarine Mines

The Most Speedily Prepared, the Most Deadly, and the Most Dreaded Form or Coast-Defense

The New Eiffel Aerodynamic Laboratory at Auteuil

Description of the Plant, With Results Obtained in Eiffel's Experiments

Wireless Weather Reports from the Atlantic

The Automobile as a Portable Source of Power

Auxiliary Uses for the Motor Vehicle Engine

Electrical Removal of Oil from Water

By Robert Grimshaw

What Inventors are Doing - May 18, 1912

Simple Patent Law; Patent Office News; Inventions New and Interesting

A New Safe that Resists the Blowpipe

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Military Inventions

By G. H Powell

The Little Thing That Makes Inventions Big

By C. Francis Jenkins

Notes for Inventors - May 5, 1912

Permanent Life of Tissue Outside its Organism, Unusual Occupations and more

How to Lay Off a Square Acre

By H. M. Varn


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    Correspondence - May 18, 1912

  • Recently Patented Inventions - May 18, 1912

  • New Books, Etc. - May 18, 1912

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