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The Senate Committee's Report on the “Titanic”, The House Naval Appropriation Bill and more

Radiographic Study of the Effect of Exercise on the Heart, Exercising in Bed, Ripening Dates Artificially and more

The Great Tower Telescope of the Mt. Wilson Solar Observatory

A Description of the World' s Largest Reflector

By E. A. Fath

Crop Improvement: A Problem in Increasing Our National Efficiency

By C. M. Carroll

Panama-Personal Impressions of the Work-II

The Gigantic Slides in the Culebra Cut

By J. Bernard Walker

Wilbur Wright

The Passing of a Great Inventor

The Laboratory

Some Suggestions for Home Experiment

By C. C. Kiplinger

A Thermo Magnetic Motor and Generator, Reproducing Engravings without Light

By E. R. Stockle

What Inventors are Doing

Simple Patent Law : Patent Office News; Inventions New and Interesting

How to Remove Lead Sulphate from Lead Plates, Bifunctional Formation of Storage Battery Plates and more

By Paul F. Trout

What is the Principle of Relativity?

By W. J. Humphreys

The Spectrum of the Aurora, A Forest Service Circular on Gum Woods


  • Departments

    Correspondence - June 8, 1912

  • A Light and Shade Illusion - June 8, 1912

  • Recently Patented Inventions - June 8, 1912

  • Notes and Queries

  • New Books, Etc. - June 8, 1912

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