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The New Dispensation or Development of Children by Environment, The Half-mad and more

A Novel Use of Cement in Sculpture

How the Statue to the American Indian Was Built

By John G. Prasuhn

A Railway Car Driven by Gas and Electricity

A Substitute for Steam Trains Where the Traffic is Light

Oil-mixed Portland Cement Concrete, Detecting Icebergs and Land at Sea

Recent Improvements in Electric Vehicles

A Review of Important Patents Granted Within the Last Year

Making Models of the Magnetic Field

Fixing the Iron Filings With Plaster of Paris

By Nathan C. Johnson

A Simple Vehicle Jack

By James H. Armstrong

An Electric Harp

By F. H. Williamson Jr.

Lashing or Seizing Timbers Together

By Albert F. Bishop

The Trade-mark as a Business Asset, How Legislators View Patents and more

Copyright, 1912, by Munn & Co.

By W. E. Woodward

VII.—Shall My Boy Become a Naval Architect?

By John Ritchie Jr.

Practising Efficiency and Knowing Costs, How Much Bread will a Given Quantity of Flour Make?

Abstract of a Letter to a New England Manufacturer

By Harrington Emerson


  • Letters

    Correspondance - September 7, 1912

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    New Books, Etc. - September 7, 1912

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    Inventions New and Interesting - September 7, 1912

  • Recently Patented Inventions - September 7, 1912

  • Notes and Queries - September 7, 1912

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