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The Sherman Anti-Trust Act and the Patentee, Longer Ships--Longer Piers and more

Salvage and Testing Facilities for Submarines

By R. G. Skerrett

Some Developments in Wireless—I

By John Hays Hammond Jr.

Flying-Boat Races

By Glenn H. Curtiss

The Bagdad Railway

A New Factor in the Turkish-Balkan Situation

By Harold J. Shepstone

A Finder for a Three-inch Telescope

By Ralph D. Rust

Method of Making Selenium Cells

By Philip Edelman

An Improved Phosphoroscope

By Walter C. Belcher

A Home-made Portable Anemometer

By Albert Bracke

New Kind of Eyeglasses Made with Telescopic Lens

By Leonard Keene Hirshberg

Some Remarkable Specimens of Ancient Glass


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    Correspondence - November 23, 1912

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    New Books, Etc. - November 23, 1912

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    Inventions New and Interesting - November 23, 1912

  • Recently Patented Inventions - November 23, 1912

  • Notes and Queries - November 23, 1912

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November 23, 1912

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