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The Sherman Anti-Trust Act and the Patentee, Longer Ships--Longer Piers and more

Salvage and Testing Facilities for Submarines

By R. G. Skerrett

Some Developments in Wireless—I

By John Hays Hammond Jr.

Flying-Boat Races

By Glenn H. Curtiss

The Bagdad Railway

A New Factor in the Turkish-Balkan Situation

By Harold J. Shepstone

A Finder for a Three-inch Telescope

By Ralph D. Rust

Method of Making Selenium Cells

By Philip Edelman

A Home-made Portable Anemometer

By Albert Bracke

An Improved Phosphoroscope

By Walter C. Belcher

New Kind of Eyeglasses Made with Telescopic Lens

By Leonard Keene Hirshberg

Some Remarkable Specimens of Ancient Glass


  • Letters

    Correspondence - November 23, 1912

  • Recommended

    New Books, Etc. - November 23, 1912

  • Departments

    Inventions New and Interesting - November 23, 1912

  • Recently Patented Inventions - November 23, 1912

  • Notes and Queries - November 23, 1912

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