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The Electrically-driven Vessel "Tynemount," Scientific American's Contribution to the Development of the Racing Aeroplane and more

By Frederick C. Coleman

The Jungfrau Railway

A Great Engineering Feat

The Daniel Boone Idea in Education

A School System based on Voluntary Muscular Work

The Fire Control Platform of a United States Battleship

How the Telescope Sight, the Range Finder and the Spotter Co-operate to Secure Good Shooting

By J. Bernard Walker

The Completion of the Los Angeles Aqueduct

Bringing 265,000,000 gallons of water per day 234 miles from the Sierras to Los Angeles

By Henry Z. Osborne

Hugh Lincoln Cooper

The Man who built the Keokuk Dam across the Mississippi

By Will P. Green

How Telegrams are Sent in China, Transforming a Schooner into a Grain Lighter

By R. E. Chambers

Smoke Helmets for Firemen, The French Prohibition of Inflammable Celluloid Films

By J. R. Schmidt

Finger Print Detection by Chemical Means

By Delta

What Are the Ten Greatest Inventions of Our Time?

The Second Prize Article in the Scientific American's Invention Contest

By George M. Dowe


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    Recently Patented Inventions - November 18, 1913

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