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The Unsinkable Ship, Evolution and Ascension and more

The Great World Wireless Circuit

By J. F. Springer

Fighting with Dynamite and Electricity

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Skin Defects in Invisible Light

A Method that may have a Wide Application in Medicine

By G. Michaud and F. Tristan

The Autograph of an Iceberg

The Thermometer not a Danger Signal that Warns the Mariner of Nearby Ice

By L. E. Browne

The World's Greatest Life-Saving Station

Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Pasteur Institute

Way Stations for a Relay Flight to Europe

How the Atlantic could be most Easily Crossed in an Aeroplane

By Henry Harrison Suplee

Making Colored Photographic Reproductions with the Aid of Blue Prints


  • Letters

    Correspondence - December 27, 1913

  • Recommended

    New Books, Etc. - December 27, 1913

  • Departments

    Recently Patented Inventions - December 27, 1913

  • Index - December 27, 1913

  • Notes and Queries - December 27, 1913

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