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Showing Museums to the Blind

By Percy Collins

The Center of the Stars, Staircase Drawers, Congress on Hygiene and Demography

President Wilson on Canal Tolls, Pittsburgh's Smoke Bill, Rewards to Postal Employees for Inventions and more

Fresh Discoveries Regarding Red Blood Corpuscles, The Theory of Gravity, The U. S. Fleet Collier "Jupiter"

A Flat Band With Only one Surface and One Edge

By Carl Hering

The New Coolidge Roentgen Ray Tube

By Herbert T. Wade

Modern Hand-Grenades

The Aasen Hand, Rifle and Mine Grenade

By H. Bannerman-Phillips

The Wanamaker-Curtiss Transatlantic Biplane, Flying Around the World, and more

An Organ on Which Color Compositions Are Played

The New Art of Color Music and Its Mechanism

By John W. N. Sullivan

A Million Shot Group, Curious Cloud Formation and more

A Multiple-brush Boring Machine

By H. M. Baxter

A Pocket Edition Motor Vehicle, A Cancer Indicator, How to Fix Screws in Place

A New Scheme for Selling Patents

A Recent By-product Utilization in American Soap Manufacture

By L. Lodian


  • Letters

    Correspondence- February 21, 1914

  • Recommended

    New Books, Etc.- February 21, 1914

  • Departments

    Notes and Queries- February 21, 1914

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