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Dumping Conveyor at the Brakpan Gold Mines, The Kodak Film Decision, and more

Enlarging and Reducing Phonograph Records

By R. Arapu

A Real Lifeboat

By Robert G. Skerrett

The Rise in Prices and the Increased Cost of Living

Changes in Leading Manufacturing Countries of the World During the Period 1900-1912

By John B. C. Kershaw

The Biggest Bird that Ever Lived

By R. W. Shufeldt

The Decision in the Kodak Film Case, A Bottle-stopper that Locks

Kinematographing the Matterhorn

A Daring Ascent in a Feat of Endurance With Weighty Apparatus

The Problem of Our Navy- March 21, 1914

IV.--The Price We Pay for Self-sufficiency and Unpreparedness By the Editor

The 200 Horse-power Curtiss Motor for the Rodman Wanamaker Transatlantic Flyer, The Next Road Congress, and more


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