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Basket Willow Culture in the United States, Latin-American Attitude to the United States, and more

The Principle of the Bicycle Applied to the Motor Car

A Two-wheeled Automobile Stabilized by Means of a Gyroscope

An Unattended Lighthouse, The Boiler Plant of the "Britannic", and more

By H. J. Shepstone

Training Wild Animals for Moving Pictures

By Robert H. Moulton

Iron Ore, Pig-iron, and Steel Production

By Henry Harrison Suplee

The Iron Smelter's Fuel Bill

By Henry Harrison Suplee

A Variable Condenser, Construction of an Oxygen Carbon Remover

By Frederick E. Ward

Automatic Voltage Regulator, Low-pressure Atomizing Burner

By J. Naveman

Road Structure and the Commercial Car

By K. G. Martin


  • Letters

    Correspondence- May 30, 1914

  • Departments

    The Heavens in June

  • The Motor-driven Commercial Vehicle- May 30, 1914

  • Recently Patented Inventions- May 30, 1914

  • Motor Truck Notes and Queries- May 30, 1914

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