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Sixteen Million Men Under Arms, Germany's Strong Strategic Position, and more

Military Strength of the Triple Entente and the Dual Alliance
Cover Infographic

The Armament of the Warring Nations

Victory May Rest With the Superior Rifles, Field and Machine Guns

Feeding the Man on the Firing Line

Tents, Shoes and Rations Win Many a Campaign

The Nerves of an Army

How the Commander-in-Chief Sees and Controls a 100-Mile Battle Line

From Fighting Line to Hospital

Aircraft in War

How Aircraft Will Affect Strategy; the Air Strength of Europe.
An Overview with Informational Images

A Comparison of Naval Strength

Overwhelming Superiority in Ships and Guns Possessed by the Triple Entente

The Mistress of the Seas

Great Britain's Overpowering Navy

The French Contingent of the Allied Fleets

The Guardian of the Mediterranean

Russian Navy in the Baltic

Many, Dreadnoughts Building--None in Commission

Germany's Bid for Naval Supremacy

German Naval Strategy
How the Kiel Canal Splits the British Fighting Line

Austria's Navy and the Adriatic

A Valuable Ally Cut Off From the German Fleet

France as an Air Power, Great Britain and the Air, and more

A comparison of the airplane and dirigible fleets of the European powers

Rifle Fire and Aircraft

The Scientific Side of Baseball

By Arthur Macdonald


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    Recently Patented Inventions- September 5, 1914

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