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Military Meteorology

Protection for the Fighting Line of an Army

Fortifications and Their Relation to the Operations of Armies in the Field

By Leon S. Roudiez

Strategic Moves of the War September 25th, 1914

Letter from the Military Expert of the Scientific American, September 25, 1914

Mobile Siege Guns in the Present War

The Powerful Mortars Which Would Have Quickly Reduced the Paris Fortifications

The Turret Fort

A Description of the Famous Gruson Armored Turret Used in European Fortifications, and Destroyed at Liège

By A. G. Piorkowski

Attack and Defense by Submarine Mines

The Most Easily Prepared and Most Dreaded Form of Naval Warfare

The Submarine Vindicated

The Sinking of Three Large Cruisers Proves the Deadly Efficiency of Submarine Attack

List of Ships of the Triple Entente and the Dual Alliance

Probable Additions of New Ships During the Ensuing Six Months

Our Latin American Opportunity

An El Dorado for Our Business Men

By John Barrett

Opinion from Prominent Business Men on Our Trade Opportunity

Our Merchant Marine; Past, Present and Future

I. The Past

By Winthrop L. Marvin

Europe's Fighting Motor Cars, Germany's Automobile Strength, and more

By Theodore M. R. von Keler

How the War Affects the Papermaker, The Dumdum Bullet, and more

Two short articles: one on papermaking and one on the Dumdum bullet


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