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The Action in which the "Carmania" Sank the Cap "Trafalgar," The Silent War, and more

The Merchant Cruiser battle in the South Atlantic; Battleships Silent in Port; The Citizen Soldier, and more

Field Gun and Aerial Projectiles

Construction of Shrapnel, Smoke, and Searchlight Shells for Artillery and Bombs for the Use of Aircraft

Strategic Moves of the War- November 24, 1914

Letter from the Military Correspondent

Building Bridges Under Fire

One of the Most Difficult and Spectacular of Army Operations

By Martin Wells

The Military Resources of Turkey, the Latest Country to Enter the Great World War

An Army of Proved Fighting Ability--A Navy which has Yet to Win its Laurels

Is Germany Self-Sustaining in War?

Ability to Provide Food and War Materials from Domestic Sources a Great Element of her Strength

By Benjamin Baker

Campaigning in Winter

Climatic Factors in the European Struggle

Mining and Countermining of Fortifications

Capturing a Fortification by Trenches and Tunnels
[Also linked to an article showing a sectional view of a modern submarine]

Blowing Up Barbed Wire Entanglements

The Sticks and Poles Bearing Explosives Used by the French, Russian and English Armies (Called Bangalore Torpedoes)

The War Game and how it is Played

Mimic Warfare for the Schooling of Army Officers

Rifles and Mortars

Construction and Operation of High-Velocity Direct-Fire Rifles and Low-Velocity High-Angle Fire Mortars

In Flight Over the Enemy, Concrete Freezing

A German Officer-aviator's Description of his First Reconnaissance. He was Awarded an Iron Cross Because of the Valuable Information He Brought Back


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    Correspondence- December 5, 1914

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    New Books, Etc.- December 5, 1914

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    Recently Patented Inventions- December 5, 1914

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