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Colonel Bryan's Army of One Million Men, The Grave Peril of the Shipping Bill and more

William Jennings Bryan Suggests it Is Not a Problem to Raise and Army of One Million Men

I--The United States an Undefended Treasure Land

The Present Army and Navy of the United States

The Navy--Our First Line of Defense

The Fleet as Authorized by Congress Far Below That Deemed Necessary by Its Naval Advisers

The Art of Deception in War

Methods of Military Mimicry and Protective Concealment on Land and Sea Employed in the Present War
[Camouflage and Disruptive Patterns]

The Military Rocket Camera

Shooting a Photographic Camera into the Sky to Take Pictures of an Enemy's Position

Feeding the German Nation in Time of War

By Our Berlin Correspondent

Aircraft Artillery and Bomb-Dropping

The Value of High-Angle Fire
[Anti-aircraft fire, trajectories of anti-aircraft shells and notes on bomb-dropping by aircraft and zeppelins]

By Carl Dienstbach

Random Reflections, French Power Wagon Trials Interrupted and more

By "Irresponsible"

Doing Without Europe--II

How the War Has Affected Our Mineral and Metal Industries and How We May Profit

Across the Continent by Telephone

The First Telephone Message Repeated on a 3,400 Mile Extension of the First Telephone Line

Detail Drawings and Descriptions of the Mim and Lewis Rapid Fire Machine Guns

Devices That Can Pour Forth a Leaden Torn Often at the Rate of a Thousand Bullets a Minute. The Advance of Troops Before a Bat of These Destroyers is Practically Impossible

Mobilizing News

How the War Reports Come by Cable, and are Distributed by the News Associations

By Charles E. Crane

The Battle of the North Sea

How a Proposed Attack on English Coast Towns Developed Into a Disastrous Fleet Engagement
[Battle of Dogger Bank; January 24, 1915]

Smokeless Powder

Chemistry and Cotton in the Service of Ammunition

By Edward C. Crossman

War Uses of the Motorcycle

The Cycle Ambulance and Motor Machine Gun Made Possible by the Sidecar

Flammarion Talks on the Sun


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    Correspondence - February 6, 1915

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