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The Lesson of HMS "Queen Elizabeth", Light Reading for Polar Explorers and more

Forcing the Dardanelles

Further Evidence of the Supreme Importance of the Command of the Sea
[This event was a prelude to the assault on Gallipoli in April 1915]

Two Startling Discoveries in Oil Refining

Dr. Rittman's "Cracking" Process in Which Vapors Are Subjected to High Pressure and Dr. Snelling's Discovery of a Way to Reconvert Paraffin, Vaseline or Any Other Petroleum Derivative into a Synthetic Crude Oil Similar to That from Which it Was Originally Obtained...

The Rittman Process of "Cracking"

By C. H. Claudy

The Marble Columns of the Lincoln Memorial

By J. P. Kirsch

Saturn, the Most Interesting Planet of the Solar System

Its Rainbow Rings and Many Moons

By Abb Th. Moreux

Table-Top Geography

Hints on the Construction of Simple Models

By Percy Collins

Some Interesting Automobile Novelties

Methods by Which the European War Has Been Filmed, The Current Supplement and more

By Ernest A. Dench


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    Recently Patented Inventions - March 20, 1915

  • Notes and Queries - March 20, 1915

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