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Radio-Active Ores and Plant Life, Belgian Bridge in Reinforced Concrete, "F-4" Submarine Disaster, Forst v. Battleships, War and the Newspapers

Includes Editorials on:
The "F-4" Submarine Disaster
Battleships with Battle-Cruiser Speeds
Forts vs. Battleships
War and the Newspapers

By Harold Bastin

Wireless Telegraphy and Railroading

By H. D. Schedler

An Analysis of Our Naval Standing--I

Strength of United States Fleet has been Determined by Temporary Emergencies

By George von L. Meyer

An Important Development in Color Photography

The Kodachrome Process of Color Portraiture

A Submarine to Salve a Submarine

How One Underwater Craft Could Aid Another in an Emergency

By Robert G. Skerrett

Color Music—A New Art Created With the Aid of Science

The Color Organ Used in Scriabine's Symphony "Prometheus"

By Harry Chapin Plummer

Two Groups in the American Museum of Natural History

Wonderfully Realistic Reproductions of Animal Life in Natural Surroundings

By Joseph William Griggs

Bricks Without Clay


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    Recently Patented Inventions - April 10, 1915

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