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The Submarine as a Commerce Destroyer, Scientific Solidarity in Wartime and more




The European Infantryman's Rifle

Comparison of Mausers, Mannlichers, Lee-Enfields, and Other Weapons Used in the War

By Edward C. Crossman

The Rifles of European Fighters

They Have a Range of 4,200 to 5,200 Yards, But That Is Not Their Chief Virtue. They Shoot Flat, Thanks to Their Sharp-Pointed Bullets, and Flatness of Trajectory Counts for More Than Range in Shooting...

The Bullets of the Fighting Nations

How the Shape of a Bullet Affects Its Flight

The Mechanics of Convalescence

Methods of Hastening the Cure of German Wounded Soldiers

By Walter Bannard

The Government's Competition for a Naval Dirigible

By C. Dienstbach

Protecting a Retreating Army

Effective Methods of Destroying Its Lines of Communications

A Suggestion in Patent Reform, New Use for Cocoanut Water, and more

War Capacity of United States Railways

By Robert Grimshaw

Statistics of Baseball

By Arthur Macdonald


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Dwindling Supply. Increasing Demand.

Dwindling Supply. Increasing Demand.

Solving the Water Crisis