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Some Great Inventors of the Past Seven Decades

Our Seventieth Anniversary, The Greatest Ten Years of Invention, The Super-Battle-Cruiser

Seventy Years of Invention

A Record of Progress, Decade by Decade

By Cyrus H. McCormick

The Rise of the Automobile

From the Snorting Road Locomotive to the Swift Noiseless Car of To-day

Transportation on Land and Sea

The Growth of the Railway and the Steamship

Seventy Years of Civil Engineering

Retrospective Review of the More Important Works Completed During the Life of the Scientific American

The Invention and Development of Photography

From the Daguerreotype to the Moving Picture

Communicating Over Great Distances

The Invention of the Telegraph, Telephone and Wireless Telegraphy A Record of Achievement from Morse to Marconi

By Charles Wheatstone and William Thomson

The Patent Office and Invention Since 1845

How the Government Has Kept Pace With the Inventor

By William I. Wyman

Converting Night into Day

Artificial Lighting Problems and How They Have Been Solved What the Inventor Has Done for Oil, Gas, and Electricity in Illumination

By Carl Auer von Welsbach and Charles F. Brush

Some Personal Recollections

An Autobiographical Sketch

By Nikola Tesla

Machines With Which Machines are Made

A Brief History of the Development of Metal-Working Power-Driven Tools

Seventy Years of the Scientific American

How the Scientific American Was Founded and How It Grew from Very Small Beginnings; the Active Part Played by Its Editors in Stimulating Public Interest in Science and Invention

By Alfred Ely Beach and Orson Desaix Munn

Making a New Industry

The Phenomenal Development of Electrical Apparatus in the Last Two Decades

The Development of the Dye Industry

By M. L. Crossley

The Rise of the Motorcycle


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