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The War and Immigration: An Unintentional Experiment in Restriction, The Diabetic Triad and more

A Thinking Machine, Planning and Theories

Mechanical Reproduction of Mental Processes

By S. Bent Russell

A Million Chicks to the Acre

Raising Poultry on a Manufacturing Basis

By Milo Hastings

Strategic Moves of the War-September 8th, 1915 and more

By Matthew E. Hanna

The Austrian Submarines, A Large Induction Coil of Novel Design and more

Austrian Submarines
A Large Induction Coil of Novel Design
The Recapture of Przemysl

America's Greate Irrigation Project

Bassano Dam, Southern Al Will Irrigate 440,000 Acres lack

By Dlack

Throwing vs. Batting a Tennis Ball, Measuring the Altitude of a Kite

By Dwight Douglass


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