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The Exchange of Severely Wounded Prisoners, The Progress of Library Service and more

The Development of the Army Pistol

How the All-Important Stopping Power Requisite Has Resulted in the Adoption of Large Calibres

By Edward C. Crossman

Stefánsson's New Found Land

A Résumé of Work Done by the Canadian Arctic Expedition

By Herbert J. Spinden

Strategic Moves of the War, September 21st 1915

By Matthew E. Hanna

A Question of Increase

How Small is the Chance That An Individual Will Grow Up

Cost of the War in Airships

Summary of the Airship Losses of the Central Empires Since the Beginning of the War

By Ladislas d'Orcy

Collapse of the Subway Work on Seventh Avenue

Possible Cause of the Accident and the Lessons It Teaches

Recoil Mechanism of Modern Guns

High Rate of Fire of Present-day Field Pieces due to Elimination of Resighting and Readjustment

Scientific Solution of the World's Cotton Problem

By Lehman Johnson

Floating Hospitals of Europe

Complete in Every Detail, These Vessels Accommodate the Wounded of Naval Engagements

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Austrian Gun Boats on the Danube, Protection from Lightning and more

By Frederick von Pilis

The Naval Advisory Board of Inventions—I

A Brief Biographical Summary of Its Membership

America As Her Own Chemist

First National Exposition of Chemical Industries Discloses Great Strides Made in Manufacture of Chemicals and Equipment

How an Incendiary was Foiled in the Great Pabst Plant at Milwaukee

By Chas. W. Henning

Patents of Chile, Legal Notes

How to Drink from a Bubbling Fountain. “Bite the Bubble”


  • Letters

    Correspondence - October 2, 1915

  • Recommended

    New Books, Etc. - October 2, 1915

  • Departments

    The Heavens in October 1915

  • Recently Patented Inventions - October 2, 1915

  • Notes and Queries - October 2, 1915

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