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The World's Largest Rapid Sand Filter, Dry Cleaning at Home and more

The World's Largest Rapid Sand Filter
Dry Cleaning at Home
The President on National Defense
Germany as Nature's Competitor
and more

Electrifying the Philadelphia-Paoli Division of the Pennsylvania R. R

Self-Lighting Attachment for Smudge Pots, Transportable Stall Mounted on Motor Truck and more

By Charles Alma Byers

Waste Heat to Stimulate Plant Growth, Poisonous Sprays

Time Measured Graphically

By Frederic R. Honey

Efficiency in the Household

Bringing Science to the Aid of Domestic Economy

By Herbert T. Wade

Providing a Ship with Ears

A System for Locating Other Ships and Icebergs During Fog

By Robert G. Skerrett


  • Letters

    Correspondence - November 20, 1915

  • Recommended

    New Books, Etc. - November 20, 1915

  • Departments

    The Motor-driven Commercial Vehicle - November 20, 1915

  • Recently Patented Inventions - November 20, 1815

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