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The Active Gyroscope as a Ship Stabilizer, The President on our Merchant Marine and more

By Robert G. Skerrett

Radio Inspectors and their Work

How the Wireless Apparatus of a Steamer is Tested by the Government Officials

By Herbert T. Wade

Strategic Moves of the War, December 11th, 1915

Our Military Expert

The Transparent Aeroplane

Note: the cover illustration for this issue illustrates the concept.

By Neal A. Truslow

Submarine or Battleship—Which?

The Battleship—The Foundation and Supreme Fighting-Unit of a Modern Navy

New York's Testing Laboratory

Describing the Varied Activities of a Municipal Testing Plant

Killing Animals by Electricity

Humane and Efficacious, Offering a Striking Contrast to the Usual Primitive Methods

By Huntington Smith and William L. Puffer

Combination Scoop and Scale for Material in Bulk, Time-Saving Rule Case for News-paper Printers and more


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