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Retrospect of the Year 1915

The World War

Balls and Ball Bearings

How Devices for Reducing Friction Are Made

The Automobile of 1916

Prominent Innovations That Distinguish the New Models from Their Predecessors

By Victor W. Pag

Seeing America and the Lincoln Highway

Necessity of National Cooperation

By Henry B. Joy

The Effect of Technical Education Upon the Leather Industry

How the Tanning Industry Has Benefited Through the Application of Science

By Allen Rogers

Development in Commercial Vehicle Design

Prominent Features and Tendencies in Present-Day Motor Truck Design

Saving the Car by Careful Driving

Some of the Evils of an Excess of Caution

By H. S. Whiting

The Knight-Type Sleeve-Valve Motor

A Revolutionary American Invention That Has Been Widely Adopted

New Accessories for the Automobile

Offerings for 1916 as Numerous and Diversified as Those of Previous Years

Electric Starting and Lighting Systems

Their Proper Care and Maintenance by the Motor Car Owner or Driver

"The Blind Turn"

Its Dangers and Various Methods of Solution

By Chas. F. Barrett

Father Time the Only Official Tester

By Alexander Winton

Development of the American Motor Car that Has Led Up to the V-Type Multi-Cylinder Motor

By J. G. Vincent

A Car for Every Prospective Purchaser

American Gasoline Pleasure Car Manufacturers with Prices of Their Leading Models for 1916

By C. Edward Palmer

Prices of Leading Electric Pleasure Cars for 1916

Ready Reference Table of Commercial Vehicles for 1916

By C. Edward Palmer

Price List of Leading Electric Commercial Vehicles for 1916

Death of James M. Dodge, Motor Truck Notes, and more


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