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American Aviators with the French Army

An article by an American civilian in France on the American Squadril [the American Squadron].

By Neal Truslow

Announcement, The Need of the United States for Naval Scouts and an Auxiliary Coast-Patrol, and more

The announcement of a rise in the cost of a subscription to Scientific American to $4.00 due to the rise in costs of material and labor, some of which are due to the war in Europe.

Blazing a Trail for the Industries

Contributions of the Mellon Institute of Pittsburgh, Toward Scientific Investigation of Industrial Problems

By Harry Knowles

New Types of Artificial Arms for Victims of the War

Ingenious Devices which Enable the Maimed to Resume their Places in the Industries

By Jacques Boyer

Strategic Moves of the War, August 25th, 1916

Our Military Expert

Artisans of the Motion Picture Films

Perfecting a Fire-Proofing Solution

Cloth and Wood Refuse to Burn when Treated with this Fluid

By Ival McPeak

Safety in Sand-blasting

Operator in One Room, Blast in Another

By Joseph Brinker

A New Method of Refrigeration, An Efficient Sewer Cleaner

By William H. Easton

Industrial Preparedness for Peace

Obtaining Potash from Kelp

By Monroe Woolley

The Mystery of the Blue Gum and Malaria

By S. Leonard Bastin

Shadowless Mirror

American Trade Marks and Patents in Peru

New Quarters for the Patent Office


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