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A Difficult Piece in Subaqueous Rock Excavation

By Robert G. Skerrett

Announcement, Railways and National Defense, The Bank Check to Invade Europe, and more

Announcement on the rise in subscription cost of the Scientific American to $4.00
Railways and the defense of the U.S.
The use of the bank check in Europe

By Robert G. Skerrett

The Baffling Epidemic of Infantile Paralysis

Treatment of Deformities Resulting from Poliomyelitis

By Henry W. Frauenthal

Large Telescope Built by Students, What the Telephone Means to the Fighting Men of Europe

By K. P. Crawford

Strategic Moves of the War, Sept. 1st, 1916

By Our Military Expert

Auto Repair Trucks for Field Service

Importance of Portable Machine Shops in Modern Warfare
[The cover image is associated with this article]

By Victor W. Page

Armored Car Planned and Built in Four Weeks, The Current Supplement, and more

An armored train car built for use in the regions of the border with Mexico.

By George F. Paul

Growing Our Own Dates, Growing Shagbark Hickory for Profit, and more

By Monroe Woolley

How Steel Bars are Rolled for Use in the Manufacture of Shrapnel Shells, Using an Electric Lamp in Place of Ammunition in Marksmanship Training, and more

By W. S. Standiford

Clearing of Fog by Electrical Precipitation


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