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The Privately Owned Naval Scout, Scientific Meetings in Argentina

A look at U.S. Naval scout boats for a civilian naval reserve.

The German Submarine Raid Off Our Coasts, Spirit and Purpose of the Hay Army Bill, and more

An Industrial Giant of Recent Birth

The Importance of Aluminum in Modern Technology Necessitates Immense New Plant in North Carolina

Bringing Scientific Methods to the Dairy of To-Day

By Irvin J. Mathews

Strategic Moves of the War, October 12th, 1916

Our Military Expert

Building a Pipe-Line of Concrete

Twenty-Seven Mile Tube Which Indicates a New Field for this Surprising Material

By I. F. Springer

Shipping Losses of the Warring Nations

What the European War is Costing the Belligerents in Merchant Vessels Slunk and Captured

Experiments in the Rearing of Blue Foxes

Motor Truck Queries and Answers


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    The Motor-driven Commercial Vehicle- October 21, 1916

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