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A Reservoir That Will Float

A German Solution of the Difficulties of Subaqueous Concrete Work

By I. F. Springer

The Scientific American and the Electrical Week, What Will We Do For Science? and more

Electric Heating in the Industries

A Constantly and Rapidly Growing Field for the Application of Electricity

The Telescopic Rifle Sight in the United States Army, Ruth Law and Her Remarkable Flight from Chicago to New York

A rifle sight made for the rough use and exposure incidental to active service.

Strategic Moves of the War, November 22nd, 1916

By Our Military Expert

Industrial Preparedness for Peace

Interview with Thomas Alva Edison: Personal Experiences During the Industrial Upheaval that Followed the Outbreak of the War

By Thomas Alva Edison

Forty Million Horse Power Wasted

A Plea for the Utilization of Our Water Powers

By Hugh L. Cooper

Electric Steel, Damage Co Buildings by White Ants, and more

How the Temperature is Automatically Regulated in an Electric Steel Furnace

By William H. Easton

Electrical Invasion of the Home

A Myriad of Conveniences Afforded by this Silent, Noise less, Wonderful Power

By C. H. Claudy

Have we Reached Limit of Power Transmission?

By Charles Proteus Steinmetz

Electrification of Steam Railroads

Directions in which this form of Traction is Likely to Expand

By George Gibbs

Cost of Electric Light

By F. C. Meyers


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