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An Aeroplane Machine Gun that Fires Between the Revolving Propeller Blades, A New Type of German Locomotive, and more

Fokker's synchronization mechanism for machine gun and aeroplane propeller.

Making Lime from Marble

Where Tons of Stone from the Dumps Are Converted Into a Thing of Value

Inoculating the Mortgage-Lifters

How the Disastrous Hog Cholera Epidemic is Being Controlled

By C. H. Claudy

Strategic Moves of the War, December 20th, 1916, A New Method of Salvaging Sunken Ships, and more

By Our Military Expert

Heating a Porous House, Unloading Coal Cars by Turning Them Upside Down, and more

By George H. Cashing

Motion Picture Portraits

Selecting One's Photographs from Over Five Hundred Poses Taken at a Sitting

A Strange Botanical Garden

By James Anderson

The Recovery of Fibrous Material from Old Parchment Paper

By C. Bartsch


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    The Heavens in January, 1917

  • Inventions New and Interesting- December 30, 1916

  • Index- December 30, 1916

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