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How the Car Doors of the New York Municipal Railway are Operated

By Herbert T. Wade

Retrospect of the Year 1916

Retrospect of the Year 1916
The World War
National Defense
and more

Ancestors of the Automobile

The Development of the Present Day Car from the Earliest Types, as Revealed in the Files of the Scientific American

Strategic Moves of the War, December 28th, 1916

Our Military Expert

Trend of 1917 Passenger-Car Design

What the New Year has to Offer to the Devotee of the Motor Car

Federal Aid in Fighting Mud

A Hundred and Fifty Million Dollars for Good Roads and How it will be Spent

By C. H. Claudy

The "Colorado" Class of Battleships

The First of Our Battleships to Mount the 16-inch Gun

A Dam that Never Overflows, Rabies Among Wild Animals

By M. M. Parks

Pouring Concrete in Zero Weather, Bread From Unground Grain, and more

By O. P. Geyer

The Motor Truck of 1917

A Discussion of the Novel Features Introduced this Year

By Victor W. Page

Attacking the Motor's Mightiest Enemy

Methods of Preventing and Removing Carbon Accumulations

By John S. Harwhite

The Vacuum Operated Brake, Electric Drive and Gasoline Drive Used Independently or in Conjunction and more

The Elusive Measuring Pump

How the Purchasers of Gasoline May be Protected Against Intentional and Unintentional Fraud

By Herbert W. Hoffman

Price Classification of Motor Cars for 1917

Tabulation of American-Made Gasoline Pleasure Cars, Showing Six Price Divisions for easy Reference

By C. Edward Palmer

Electric Pleasure Cars for 1917

Tonnage Classification of Commercial Vehicles for 1917

List of American Gasoline Motor Trucks, Showing Carrying Capacities and Prices

Steam Driven Pleasure Cars

Electric Commercial Vehicles for 1917

Steam Driven Commercial Vehicles

A New Method of Seasoning Wood

Removing Rust by Electricity

Frozen Caterpillars that Thaw Out, Waste of Lubricating Oils and more


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    Correspondence- January 6, 1917

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    Recently Patented Inventions- January 6, 1917

  • Notes and Queries- January 6, 1917

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