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Facts About the Panama Canal

By R. H. Whitehead

Congress and the National Defense, German Submarines and Our Harbors, and more


Aboard the Merchant Submarine "Deutschland"

A Description of the German Blockade Runner Based on a Visitor's Notes.
Article includes a cover image of the interior, painted by the marine artist, Mr. Henry Reuterdahl.

A Week's Review of the War, February 1st, 1917

Our Military Expert

Where Science Joins Hands with Art

The Modern Taxidermy as Revealed in San Francisco's Great New Museum

By Samuel Hubbard

Rocks and Minerals Made by Artificial Means

By L. William Thavis

Segregation in Steel

By Duncan Taylor

Our Largest Foreign Order for Cast-Iron Pipe

A Help-Yourself Garage


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Captain Koenig at the Periscope
A drawing from life made by Henry Reuterdahl, the well known marine artist, who is the only
man ever permitted to make sketches within the hull of the Deutschland. Captain Koenig,
who has never before posed before an artist, consented to don his navigating garb
and stand at the periscope in order to give the Scientific American a true
conception of working conditions aboard the vessel when underway.
A key to this picture, with the names of all the details of this
complex mass of machinery, will be found on page 151.