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A State of War, Plunging Fire and Naval Construction, and more

[Editorial on how close Germany and the U.S. are to open warfare]

Twenty Years' Development of the Holland Submarine

Growth from the 73-Ton, 6-Knot Boat of 1895, to the 1454-Ton, 20-Knot Fleet Boat of 1915
[The cover image for the issue is associated with this article]

The Largest Anchor and How It Is Tested, A Baby Tractor of Great Power

Strategic Moves of the War--March 22nd, 1917

Our Military Expert

The Birth of a New Industry

Vast Canadian Deposits of Asphaltic Sand and How They May Be Developed

The Capacity of a Coal Pile, A Vegetation Map of the United States, and more

Determining the True Meridian

By J. A. Macdonald

The Present Population of the United States and its Possessions

By Albert A. Hopkins

The Current Supplement- March 31, 1917


  • Letters

    Correspondence- March 31, 1917

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    Inventions New and Interesting- March 31, 1917

  • Recently Patented Inventions- March 31, 1917

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