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An Electric Camera for Deep Sea Photography, What is the Difference Between Coal Tar and Asphalt?

Blockading the Blockaders, Daylight Saving in France, and more

Motor Traction in Modern War

Making Our Army the Most Completely Motorized of Any in the World
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By Victor W. Page

What a Soldier Eats

Comparative value of the food rations of different soldiers of different nations.

Coperation Between Business Men and the Schools

By Benjamin C. Gruenberg

Building the Emergency Fleet

Plans for the Construction of Wooden Ships at the Rate of Three Per Day

By C. H. Claudy

Recent Chemical Developments- May 19, 1917

More Fish

By Ellwood Hendrick

Mechanical Aids in Loading and Unloading Trucks

Reducing to a Minimum the Idle Hours of a Commercial Motor Vehicle

By John S. Harwhite

A Keyboard Machine for Sorting Letters

Plants that Water Themselves, A Squash That Grew With a Force of Two and One Half Tons, and more

Testing Leather for the U. S. Government

By C. H. Claudy

Feeding the Armies, A 40-Power Naval Telescope

Wartime Wireless Apparatus for Use on Land and Water

Motor Tractors and Trailers

Using the Motor Vehicle as a Locomotive

By Joseph Brinker

The Motorized Circus--Latest Triumph of Motor Traction

Natural Gas to Blow a Fire Whistle

The Chemistry of Bitumen

Accessories that Make the Fighting Aeroplane More Efficient

Coal Tar Dyestuffs in Great Britain

A Huge Mass of Jade


  • Letters

    Correspondence- May 19, 1917

  • Departments

    The Motor-Driven Commercial Vehicle- May 19, 1917

  • Foreign Commercial Notes and Queries- May 19, 1917

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