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Re-introducing the Concrete-and-Steel Fortification, Morality at Newport, and more

"This last word in military
engineering is known as the " Mebu,"
which., is derived from the initial letters
of its German designation, "Maschinen
Eisen Betun Unterstand," which meaps an
underground concreted machine-gun position."

Electricity- July 7, 1917

Science- July 7, 1917

Automobile- July 7, 1917

How Rope is Made

By Ernest Elva Weir

"Preparing to Prepare"

Practical Work of the General Munitions Board of the Council of National Defense

By C. H. Claudy

Doing Our Bit--I

The Immediate Task for America

The Submarine Problem--VI

Principles, Promising and Otherwise, Which May Be Applied in Detecting the U-Boats

The Horse-Power Race

Where the Winner is the Man Who Develops the Greatest Amount of Work

By A. E. Kennelly

A Telephone Instrument that is Designed after the Human Ear, Providing the Bolt with a Nut that Stays in Place

By E. A. Dime

Mobilizing Educational Institutions


  • Letters

    Correspondence- July 7, 1917

  • Departments

    Inventions New and Interesting- July 7, 1917

  • Recently Patented Inventions- July 7, 1917

  • Foreign Commercial Notes and Queries- July 7, 1917

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