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Germany's Gotha Battleplane and its Machine-Gun Tunnel, A Theater Without Footlights, and more

"By means of a machine-gun tunnel the rear gunner of the Gotha can
bring his fire to bear on what is generally a "blind spot""

Astronomy- September 22, 1917

Industrial Efficiency- September 22, 1917

Science- September 22, 1917

Fighting with Axe and Saw

A Regiment of American Lumberjacks and Foresters for European Service

By C. H. Claudy

Saving Ships from the Sands

How a Big Dredge Freed a Vessel That Had Lain High and Dry for Ten Years

Strategic Moves of the War, September 13th, 1917

By Our Military Expert

The Submarine Problem--XV

The Merchantship as a Submarine Destroyer

The Absent Treatment in Efficiency Tests

Bringing the Nerves of the Battle Line into the Laboratory
By Jaques Boyer
"building up of a series of tests, partly mental and partly physical, by means of which a candidate for aviation or ambulance driving or some other special work is made to reveal his ability to do that work,"...

By Jacques Boyer

Exploring the Skies for the Remains of Extinct Comets

Where Amateurs Can Render a Real Service to Professional Astronomers

By Charles P. Olivier

Why Trees Lose Their Leaves, The Current Supplement, and more

By S. Leonard Bastin


  • Letters

    Correspondence- September 22, 1917

  • Departments

    Inventions New and Interesting- September 22, 1917

  • Recently Patented Inventions- September 22, 1917

  • Foreign Commercial Notes and Queries- September 22, 1917

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