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Recent Destroyer Construction, Perfect Cooperation of British and American Navies, and more

By M. K. Barnett

Electricity- October 20, 1917

Industrial Efficiency- October 20, 1917

Science- October 20, 1917

The Passing of the "Pill-Box"

This and Other German Defensive Schemes which have Succumbed to Allied Artillery
[article on dugouts, blockhouses and bunkers versus shell fire]

Strategic Moves of the War, October 10th, 1917

By Our Military Expert

Potash-What we are doing about it

The Many Expedients by which we are Contriving to get Along Without Germany
[Potash is a vital ingredient for agriculture]

By Harlow Bradley

Filling the Sugar Bowl

The Contribution of the Lowly Beet to the Breakfast Table

By Ernest Elva Weir

The Guns Behind the Bonds

By Walter Scott Meriwether

Protecting Wood from Decay and Fire

An Effort to Reduce the Annual Destruction of Nine Billion Board-Feet of Wood

By Clyde H. Teesdale

The Current Supplement

Unraveling the Skeins of Antiquity, Extending the Bill of Fare, and more


  • Letters

    Correspondence- October 20, 1917

  • Recommended

    New Books, Etc.- October 20, 1917

  • Departments

    The Motor-Driven Commercial Vehicle- October 20, 1917

  • Recently Patented Inventions- October 20, 1917

  • Notes and Queries- October 20, 1917

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