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War Weariness, Allies: In Name and in Fact, and more

Electricity- December 1, 1917

Science- December 1, 1917

The Growth of the United States Army During the Present War

Six Month's Expansion from 307,000 Officers and Men to 1,230,000

Strategic Moves of the War, November 20th, 1917

By Our Military Expert

Our Army and Navy Posts

[A map of the U.S. showing posts for the Navy and posts for the Army.]

The National Army Cantonments

Building Sixteen Towns of 40,000 Inhabitants In Ninety Days

Uncle Sam's New Infantry Rifle

How the British Arm of 1914, Chambered for Our Cartridge, Compares With Our Old Springfield Rifle

By Edward C. Crossman

The Inner Man of Armies

Some of the Foods of High Concentration on Which Battles Are Fought

By L. Lodian

Our Navy at War

How U. S. Navy Expanded to Include 1,000 Ships and 270,000 Officers and Men

Navy Identification Tags

How Unidentified Dead and Wounded are to be made a thing of the Past

Building American Aviation

How we are going About the Business of Winning the War in the Air
By Col. H. H. ["Hap"] Arnold, Chief of Air Division, Aviation Section, Signal Corps, U. S. A.

By H. H. Arnold

Airplanes by the Thousand

The World's Greatest Airplane Factory as Designed and Equipped for Quantity Production

Preparing the Navy Ashore

War Work of the Bureau of Docks and Yards

By C. H. Claudy

The Shipyard vs. The Submarine

The Government Shipbuilding Effort to Offset Submarine Depredations

The Red Cross in War

What America's Great Volunteer Organization Is Doing Here and Abroad
By Harvey D. Gibson, General Manager of the American Red Cross

By Harvey D. Gibson

The Y. M. C. A. in War Work

Where Men Can Throw Off Military Discipline and Be " Hail Fellow Well Met " With One Another
By George W. Perkins

By George W. Perkins

The Clothing for Our Army

By Albert A. Hopkins
[The front page image is associated with this article]

By Albert A. Hopkins

The Protection of Fruit Against Late Spring Frosts


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