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The Trench System of Defense vs. The Pill-Box System, Comparison of Army and Navy Efficiency, and more

[the front-page article shows an illustration of a generic German bunker]

Automobile- December 22, 1917

Industrial Efficiency- December 22, 1917

The second page contains photographs of the harbor of Halifax after the explosion of the munitions ship "Mont Blanc"

Science- December 22, 1917

Recording Sound on Motion-Picture Film

A Simple Method of Synchronizing Sound Waves and Images in Talking Pictures

The Battle Control for the Rifle

A Neglected Means of Increasing Infantry Efficiency Many Fold

Zeppelin, Aeroplane and Parachute

The Present Status of War by and on the German Dirigible

By Carl Dienstbach

Our Destroyers in the War Zone

An Exciting Service Which Calls for Initiative, Courage and Endurance

Our Great Need for Toluol and a New Way to Make It, Process for Using Spoiled Potatoes

[toluol is used for making high explosives]


  • Letters

    Correspondence- December 22, 1917

  • Recommended

    New Books, Etc.- December 22, 1917

  • Departments

    Inventions New and Interesting- December 22, 1917

  • Recently Patented Inventions- December 22, 1917

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