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The Motor Car of the Future

By C. H. Claudy

Retrospect of the Year 1917, Naval and more

Standard Steel Cargo Ships for the War Zone

A Yard for Building 150 Steel Ships by Quantity-Production Methods

Scientific Accident Prevention in the Large City

Some of the Means of Attaining this End Developed in St. Louis

By C. L. Edholm

Development of the Pneumatic Tire

How it has been Affected in Turn by Horse-Drawn Vehicle, Bicycle, Passenger Car and Now the Motor Truck

Keeping the Cooling System Hot

Regulating the Temperature of Automobile Radiators in Winter Weather

By John S. Harwhite

Roads--Good and Bad

How they Came to be and what they Mean to the User

The Nerves of a Soldier

How we are Organizing a Brand New Service to Make Sure that they are what they Should be before we Send him to France Some of the Tricks Which the Psychologist Plays Upon the Recruit, as Indicated by the Cuts at the Left and Right...

By Annis Salsbury

New Barrel Concrete Mixer for Small Jobs, The Industrial Trackless Train and more

By Jos. Brinker

Automobile Development During 1918

A Review of the Year's Progress and Prospects for the Immediate Future

By Victor W. Pag

The Gasoline Horse in the West

Tractors and Tractors and then Some More Tractors; How their Value for Farm Service has been Demonstrated in California

By Edward C. Crossman

Looking Forward

The Place of the Automobile in the Years to Come

By John R. Eustis

Iowa's Traffic Census and what it Teaches

A Novel Undertaking which Eliminates Guesswork as to how and by whom Our Roads are Used

A Yielding Barrier that is Fool-Proof

Halting the Speed Maniac at the Drawbridge and the Railroad Crossing

Lights that Shine where they are Wanted

Some of the Devices which have been Put Out to Secure Proper Headlight Control

The Chemical Progress of America in Tabloid Form

Price Classification of Motor Cars for 1918

Tabulation of American-Made Gasoline Passenger Cars, Showing Six Price Divisions for Easy Reference

How to Assist Military Aviators who have Made Forced Landings


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