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Underground Hangars of the German Airmen, Counterfeit Gold Coins Worth More than their Face Value, and more

The Delay in Airplane Production, An Army of 5,000,000 Men, and more

New Dutch Export Industry

By I. I. Brants

Aurora Australis, Building a Bridge in Six Weeks to Save a Half Hour, and more

Building a bridge to the Squantum Destroyer Plant near Boston, Mass., to save workers half an hour of commuting time.

Flowers that Fertilize Themselves

Some Notable Exceptions to Nature's General Principle of Cross-Breeding

By Albert A. Hansen

Coal and Electricity in Double Harness

What England is Doing to Work Out the Problem of Fuel Conservation

The Pneumatic Water Works

Pushing Water Up-Hill Before a Head of Compressed Air

Getting the Most Out of the File

A Serious Study of a Common Tool Whose Proper Use Calls for Much Practice

Steam-Driven Forty-five Ton Tank for Our Army, Discarded Bottles for Dug-Out Windows, and more

A Weeder Attachment for Cultivators, A New Tillage Tool

Mechanical Equipment of the Farm- May 4, 1918

Latest developments in agricultural machinery and practical suggestions for the farmer

By Harry C. Ramsower

The Current Supplement- May 4, 1918

Palm Fiber for Brushes, A Pet Sheep Instead of a Dog, and more


  • Letters

    Correspondence- May 4, 1918

  • Recommended

    New Books, Etc.- May 4, 1918

  • Departments

    The Heavens in May, 1918

  • Inventions New and Interesting- May 4, 1918

  • Recently Patented Inventions- May 4, 1918

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