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The Turn of the Tide, We Should Enlarge Our Shipbuilding Program, and more

The Turn of the Tide [article on the U-boat war]
We Should Enlarge Our Shipbuilding Program
The Helpless Dollar ["Every shirker puts a further load upon the workers"]
and more...

Our Winged Postmen

Completing Our Postal Progress with First Aerial Mail Route Between Washington and New York

Strategic Moves of the War, May 15, 1918

By Our Military Expert
[assessment of the failed German Spring Offensive, and more]

Our Sky Army

What America Can Do to Win the War in the Air
By C. G. Grey, Editor of the Airplane, London, England

By C. G. Grey

Surgery in the Navy

U. S. S. "Mercy" the Latest Development of the Hospital Ship
[note: on the last page of the article is a short article on the use by the French troops of dogs to deliver lunches to hard-pressed troops in the trenches...

World Markets for American Manufactures- May 25, 1918

A department devoted to the extension of American trade in foreign lands

By William W. Sniffin

Some Further Particulars of the Seventy-Five-Mile Shell

Rifling the Shell as well as the Gun
[More details on the German gun shelling Paris]

The Heroes of Zeebrugge and Ostend, Board to Consider War Inventions, and more

The front page image is associated with the article on the attacks on Zeebrugge and Ostend

Plating of Aluminum with Nickel now Possible


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    Correspondence- May 25, 1918

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    Inventions New and Interesting- May 25, 1918

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