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A Navigational Safeguard for Trans-Atlantic Flight

By Robert G. Skerrett

Can Germany be Crushed in the Air?, Hoist With Their Own Petard, and more

When the Hun Comes to Paris

The Huge Sirens That Warn the Population to Take Shelter
[air raids on Paris]
[the cover color illustration is associated with this article]

By Jacques Boyer

The Circular Farm, Watering the Garden by Long-Distance Telephone, and more

By Robert H. Moulton

What Shall we do with Wheat Bran?

Is Its Use for Human Food the Most Efficient Utilization of Its Mineral Constituents?
"It is a military necessity that each acre produce the maximum of human food."

By A. D. Holmes

Italy's Contribution in the Shipping Crisis

Her Great Yards That Make Every Kind of Craft That Floats

By Arthur Benington

World Markets for American Manufactures- August 10, 1918

A department devoted to the extension of American trade in foragn lands

By Lynn W. Meekins

Electric Weighing of a Moving Mass

How the Scale is Being Applied to the Conveyor Belt

By J. M. Bird

Scope of Trade Mark Registrations

By E. B. Marshall

The Current Supplement- August 10, 1918

Brightening the World

How Better Medical Care Increases the Strength of Our Army


  • Letters

    Correspondence- August 10, 1918

  • Departments

    Inventions New and Interesting- August 10, 1918

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