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Submarine Range-Finding by Means of Reflected Sound Waves

Port and Harbor Facilities, Electric Waves From Ocean Tides and more

The Voice of the Sea

Favorite Nooks on the Shores of the Atlantic and the Pacific

By LeRoy Jeffers

Curved or "S" Courses

A Protection Against Torpedo and Gunfire

The Final Solution of the Airship Problem

Industrial Production of Helium and What It Means in the Future of the Airship

By Ladislas D'Orcy

Battleplane Armament

From the Automatic Pistol of the Early Airman to the Multi-Gun Fighting Airplane of Today

The Principles of Camouflage--I

The Art of Concealment and Deception as Practiced on Land

By M. Luckiesh

Decoy Ships for Submarines

Some Details of Naval Actions Which Brought the Victoria Cross

World Markets for American Manufactures

By Lynn W. Meekins

Weighing the Temperature for Blind Folk, A Stretcher that Gives up its Load Painlessly

By Jacques Boyer

The Sahara Hydrological Station


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    Inventions New and Interesting - January 25, 1919

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