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Developing the High Speed Destroyer

Lunch in America--Breakfast in Europe, We Should Hasten Battle-Cruisers Construction and more

Thirty Million Years Ago

Newly Discovered Pre-Cambrian Sea Wherein Earth's First Creatures Were Born

How the House Fly Takes Hold

British Textile Industries as Affected by the War

The Measures Adopted by His Majesty's Government to Keep Up Supply and Holds Prices Within Bounds

By H. Bannerman-Phillips

Why does a Crankcase Breathe?

How Alternate Pressure and Rarifaction are Produced by Apparently Balanced Piston Movements

War-Time Construction in the French Naval Arsenals

The French Yards and Arsenals Concentrated on Army Ordnance and on Anti-Submarine and Special War Vessels

By Robert W. Neeser

Lake Michigan's Encroachment on its Coast

How the Currents are Stealing Land from the Western and the Giving it Back at the Southern Extremity

By Hu Maxwell

Amateurs in Name Only

A Story of What the War has Done for the Cause of Amateur Wireless

By Austin C. Lescarboura

Mud Geysers at Salton Sea, New Lead-Burning Transformer for Storage Battery Work and more

By Charles Alma Byers

Germany's Aircraft Experimental Station, Subterranean Noises in Australia


  • Letters

    Correspondence - June 28, 1919

  • Departments

    The Heavens in July, 1919

  • Inventions New and Interesting - June 28, 1919

  • Recently Patented Inventions - June 28, 1919

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