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The Torpedo Motor Boat, The Aerial Mail and Aviation, and more

Applying the Lessons of the War to Torpedo-Boat Service

Making an American City

How the Problems of the Melting Pot Are Met in the Typical Case of Detroit

By E. M. Rush

Exploiting the Inventor--III

How Real and Fancied Inventions Are Used, as a Means of Defrauding the Unwise Investor

By C. H. Claudy

Required Reforms of the Road

Some Things That Might be Done in the Combined Interests of Motorists and Pedestrians

By Monroe Woolley

The Story of Radium

How Luminous Metals and Million-Dollar Remedies Are Put Within the Reach of All

By H. A. Mount

Where the Eye Supplants the Ear

How Sound Waves Are Made Visible and Analyzed with Complete Precision

By M. A. Henry

A Radial Gate for Irrigation Canals

By Seline Hess

The Geology of Ripple Marks

By J. F. Springer

Lilies of Stone

A Curious Family of Water Animals That Has Survived from Fossil Times

By W. A. Butterfield

A Stranded School of Whales and what it Means

By H. J. Shepstone

Rare South Sea Armor

By Francis Dickie

Community Pumps for Irrigation, The Current Issue of the Scientific American Monthly and more


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    Correspondence - April 24, 1920

  • The Service of the Chemist

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  • Recently Patented Inventions - April 24, 1920

  • New Books, Etc. - April 24, 1920

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