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A Boat that Pumps its Way Along, Fighting a Fisherman's Pest and more

Sounding with Sound

How the M-V Type of Hydrophone Developed for U-Boat Detection Now Serves the Peaceful Mariner

By Harry A. Mount

Machinery for the Sugar-Beet Field, Mowing with the Tractor

By W. F. Wilcox

Making the Milkman Fear the Pump

By James Anderson

Succeeding in Radio Engineering

One of the Newest of Professions, and One Well Worth the Attention of the Man With the Pioneering Instinct

By Raymond Francis Yates

The Scientific Basis of Carelessness

An Unrecognized Danger of Allowing Habit to Superintend Our Acts

By D. H. Colcord

Checking Up Einstein

The Proposed Repetition of the Michelson-Morley Experiment in Search of Evidence of Ether Drift

By M. A. Henry

What About Our Wine Grapes?

A Few Reasons Why Prohibition Is Not Going to Bankrupt the California Growers

By Arthur L. Dahl

Directing the Detourist

By Avis Gordon Vestal

Breaking the World's Motorcycle Records, Lantern Slides by the Yard and more

By Ralph Howard

Business and Government

What the Department of Commerce is doing for America and What it Would Like to Do

By Joshua W. Alexander

Artificial Fertilization of Flowers, Pulling Cables by Auto-Power and more

By Jacques Boyer

Barbados an Oil Field, Soapstone, and more

By C. T. Mason


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    Correspondence - June 12, 1920

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