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The Breath of Life, Copper Etching Facts and more

By Charles Nevers Holmes

Shipping Coal by Wire

The Springdale Undertaking--A Great Power House at the Mine Mouth

By Robert G. Skerrett

A Rural School Museum

By Edmund Conaway

How Pullman Space is Sold

By A. R. Surface

The New Concepts of Time and Space

A Brief Account of What Einstein has done to these Fundamental Notions By Jumbo Montgomery Francis New York

Film Lighting as a Fine Art

Explaining Why the Fireplace Glows and Why Film Stars Wear Halos

By Frederick S. Mills

Round Seeds and Mechanical Ingenuity, Making Porous Bricks of Slag

By S. R. Winters

The Army School for Weather Observers

By George Gaulois

Salt from the Sea

Some Details of a Little Known California Industry

By Arthur L. Dahl

Solid Fuel for the Gas Engine

By Ralph Howard

Keeping Check on Factory Air

By Jacques Boyer

Why Not Radio?

Some Technical Advances which have made Wireless Commercially Practical

A New Wheatstone Bridge, New Process for Cracking Oils


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  • The Motor-Driven Commercial Vehicle

  • Recently Patented Inventions

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