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A New Form of Hydraulic Propulsion, Tidal Power in France and more

Germany's Brown Coal

How Teuton Chemists Have Converted the Lowly Swamp Muck Into an Industrial Cinderella

By Robert G. Skerrett

From Brewing Beer to Raising Mushrooms

By M. A. Henry

Testing Roadbed Conditions by the Resistance Method

By S. R. Winters

Solving the Labor Problem--V

Educating and Training the Man to Fit Him to His Job

By Charles Frederick Carter

Preventing the Roll of Ships

Past and Present Schemes for Stabilizing Ships and Why the Gyroscopic Stabilizer Is Practical

By J. F. Springer

Finding Jobs for Radium

Facts and Figures Regarding the Many Uses to Which This Most Precious of Metals Is Put

By Harry A. Mount

The Battleship and the Junk Heap

Is the Battleship Still the Backbone of the Fleet Or Is It Being Replaced by Other Craft?

By Lyne O. Battle


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