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Something New in Ferries

By Robert G. Skerrett

The President's Great Opportunity, Tremendous, The State's Duty to Its Barge Canal

Electricity, Science, Astronomy

Putting Green Sand to Work

How the Hitherto Untouched Glauconite Deposits Will Insure Our Future Potash Requirements

By R. Norris Shreve

Something New in Salvaging Equipment

By Harry A. Mount

Our Latest Battleship, the "Maryland"

By C. D. Wagoner

How Much Air for the Tunnel?

Solving the Vehicular Tunnel Ventilation Problem with the University of Illinois' Miniature Test Duct

By George H. Dacy

Drying Wood in the Orient, Helping the Automobile Out of Sand with Chicken Wire and more

The Oil that Makes the Wheels Go 'Round

Animal and Vegetable Lubricants vs. Those of Mineral Origin Today and in the Future

By Harry A. Mount

The Summer Sneezer

New Light on Hay Fever, Rose Colds, and the Like

By Frank Parker Stockbridge

Clusters and Nebulae

Some Startling Facts and Figures Concerning These Interesting Astronomical Features

By J. F. Springer

Man-Made Precious Stones

Efforts of the Past and Present To Produce Synthetic Rubies, Sapphires, and Even Diamonds

By C. M. Lewis


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