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Aviation Fatalities, Sea Power in the Pacific, A Better Merchant Marine Outlook

Aeronautics, Science, Industrial Efficiency

Pulling the Mississippi's Teeth

What Is Being Done by Way of Making Our Longest River Navigable

By George H. Dacy

The Temple Driver--a Powder Gun which has no Recoil, Concussion or Flash

Molybdenum Steel in the Motor Car

Reducing Weight in High-Power Cars by the Use of New Steel Alloys

Succeeding in Architecture

Opportunities Awaiting the Young Man in This Field, Especially in the Immediate Future

By Raymond Francis Yates

What Makes the Glow-Worm Glow?

What Recent Investigations Reveal in the Matter of the Luminous Organs of Various Insects and Sea Life

By William Crowder

Reporting the Life Story of Rails

How Railroads Employ the Rail-Section Machine for Determining the Wear and Tear on Their Tracks

By Robert G. Skerrett

From German Munition Boxes to Workmen's Houses, What is the Aurora Borealis? and more

Our Floating Hospital

Some Features of the United States Navy Hospital Ship "Relief" Built Specifically for Hospital Purposes


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    Correspondence - July 23, 1921

  • Inventions New and Interesting - July 23, 1921

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